The database is the result of a huge work of datasets compilation leaded by members of the community.

Until now (2012-2023), more than 50 datasets (of varying size) have been gathered. Data of these datasets have been homogenized to ease exploration and manipulations into a common database, thanks to a collaborative work of normalisation and a set of computer science tools to manage it.

At now, only a version of this database with the datasets gathered until 2021 is publicly available (v1).

We are currently preparing an up-to-date version (v2) with a new exploration interface. The release is expected before mid-2023 🚀


IsoArcH also provides a home for datasets that needs it. Hosting a dataset @IsoArcH means enjoying an all-in-one solution : 

– a cloud space to store it
– a web page to present it and make the data available to anyone
– a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to reference it in a normalized way, for long

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a safe place for your data !