Member Benefits


IsoArcH has put in place a number of agreements with third-party companies or institutions in order to provide our members with access to their services on beneficial terms. The current range of opportunities is set out on this page.


ELEMTEX. Stable Isotope & Elemental Analysis Expertise


Considering that one of its main roles is to support research and its actors, Elemtex offers a 10% discount on its products and services to all IsoArcH members.


Radiocarbon dating laboratory from the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (IRPA/KIK) 


All IsoArcH members can have a 10% discount on the AMS Radiocarbon dating services provided by KIK-IRPA.


We thank third-party companies and institutions for their support. Please note that IsoArcH assumes no liability or responsibility arising in the context of the relationship between its members and the service providers listed on this page. Benefits are subject to change at the discretion of the Association’s Board of Directors.