The IsoArcH Association is open to all, without distinction of any kind. By signing up for membership, a member agrees to adhere to Articles of the Association. The membership is per calendar year and is non-refundable except for technical issues.

The annual fee subscription is fixed at 25 €. It can be paid by bank transfer to the Euro bank account of the IsoArcH Association using/giving the following information:

  • Beneficiary: IsoArcH Association
  • Amount: 25 €
  • IBAN number: FR76 1679 8000 0100 0017 2082 486
  • Payment details: “IsoArcH – Membership 2020 for ______” (give your name)
  • Bank address: 41 Rue de Prony, 75017 Paris, France

Or by Paypal instant money transfer using the following email address:


Current Members of the Association

The associate members of the IsoArcH Association are:

  • Dr. Michelle Alexander
  • Ms. Gina Buckley
  • Dr. Giacomo Capuzzo
  • Dr. Christina Cheung
  • Dr. Antony Colombo
  • Mr. Xavier de Rochefort
  • Dr. Ricardo Fernandes
  • Ms. Sorella Fleer
  • Dr Delphine Frémondeau
  • Dr. Francesca Fulminante 
  • Dr. Damien Huffer
  • Dr. Arwa Kharobi
  • Prof. Kristina Killgrove
  • Ms. Andrea Kmetz-Sheehy
  • Dr. Juliette Knockaert
  • Prof. Nadine Mattielli
  • Dr. Richard Madgwick
  • Mr. Valentin Miclon
  • Dr. Léia Mion
  • Dr. Esther Plomp
  • Dr. Kevin Salesse
  • Ms. Amanda Sengeløv
  • Dr. Christophe Snoeck
  • Ms. Elisavet Stamataki
  • Dr. Chris Stantis
  • Dr. Rhiannon Stevens
  • Dr. Alessandra Varalli