The IsoArcH initiative

Welcome to IsoArcH – the premier community-driven platform for isotope research in bioarchaeology and forensic sciences.

More than just a database, IsoArcH embodies a collaborative spirit and an unwavering commitment to open data culture. By fostering knowledge-sharing, IsoArcH offers researchers an unparalleled opportunity to connect and collaborate.

Join forces with like-minded individuals, harness the power of pooled knowledge, and take your research to the next level with IsoArcH.

IsoArcH contains

standardized isotopic data

The collaborative and open-access isotope database

IsoArcH is an open and collaborative database of georeferenced isotopic measures of bioarcheological samples from all time periods and all around the world.

We help members of the community to share their data in a consistent and persistent way, by providing them a safe home and encouraging discussions about common ways to organise them to ease data exploration.

As of now, we reference










isotopic measures

The non-profit organization

The project is backed by a community of academic and non-academic people associated into a non-profit organisation to preserve and developp the project. Institutional members are also welcome.

It allows to develop, host and maintain with confidence the tools that makes IsoArcH. Unity being strength, it eases negotiations of services and benefits for the IsoArcH members. Be part of it !



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