Mobility and connection among the Early Bronze Age Syrian elite

by Stantis C., Compton G., Kharobi A., Maaranen N., Nowell G. M., Macpherson C., Batey T., Schwartz G.
Keywords Ancient Near East, Migration, Veneration
Created on 2023-05-23




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This dataset is comprised of δ13Ccollagen­, δ15N, and δ34S from cortical bone, and 87Sr/86Sr, δ13C, and δ18O from tooth enamel sampled and analyzed from elites buried in the Early Bronze Age (ca. 2600—2150 BCE) tombs of Umm el-Marra in modern Syria. Also included is δ13C and δ15N in dentine collagen from Umm el-Marra teeth from a previous study (Batey 2011).

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Stantis, C., Compton, G., Kharobi, A., Maaranen, N., Nowell, G. M., Macpherson, C., Batey, T., & Schwartz, G. (2023). Mobility and Connection Among the Early Bronze Age Syrian Elite [Data set]. IsoArcH.