The IsoArcH Bibliography is a dynamic resource of tens of scholarly sources. The bibliography is available to all using the free software Zotero, which allows users to quickly sort, search, and export citations. The following page explains how to get access and how to contribute to and edit the bibliography.

IsoArcH Bibliography without installing Zotero

If you would like to view the IsoArcH Bibliography without installing Zotero, click here. You will not be able to perform a search, but you can see all the materials.

IsoArcH Bibliography for Zotero users

If you already use Zotero, simply become a member of the “IsoArcH” group. For this, under « Groups » at http://www.zotero.org, search « IsoArcH ». Then, click on « IsoArcH » in the search results and select finally « Join ».

To suggest additions/removals and corrections, please contact us.